Ok Hollywood, Put Your Safety Net Where Your Mouth Is.

On this Fourth of July holiday weekend, it is only fitting that something be presented to offer hope to a people who have little of it. All we’ve seen is change and not in a good direction.

States are shutting down. State workers are getting laid off. Welcome government workers to the world the rest of us live in.

So far in this Administration, government has managed to destroy this nation’s economy and turn otherwise proud and honorable people into victims who can’t find work, who can’t stay cool in the long hotter than normal it seems, summer.

It is time someone, some Hollywood type who calls for social justice, who devotes hours and money to causes intent on making the safety net, a nationwide baby crib; puts the safety net where their mouth is.

People who have already lost their homes, lost their sources of income, gone without food, lost a car or a motorcycle, kept their children in the same clothes too long, should have had a social safety net. People who lose for no fault of their own, at the hands of a socialist nightmare should have a social safety net. Not a hand out. Not welfare. Something honorable.

A few years back, while I and my wife Suesie were spending a quiet Arizona winter evening outside: we pondered just in the ‘what if’ department, about what we could do with the winnings we would have from the law suit I had filed in 2004. So much for that when it was sealed. But nonetheless, our conversation that evening resulted in ‘Honors’.

‘Honors’ was a program to be run by a tax exempt charity that provided housing in various cities across the nation for people who had just lost their homes. When the family quarters were empty we planned to allow less fortunate tenants. ‘Honors’ also contained a cafeteria where residents and visitors alike could eat on the honor system. If they had the money, the would pay. If they did not have the money, they would not have to pay. If they did have the money and still ate free, they would not be allowed to eat again. In any case, the meal prices would be at cost.

‘Honors’ was an idea to help, but it was not a safety net. It was too concentrated, too rigid, and so last century. It was not participation. It was not a community. It was not social at all.

This is where the part happens, where the private sector solution to victims of social engineering and social justice can find relief. And become part of the solution. Retain their HONOR and not be forgotten or forsaken by their peers.

This is the part the government’s safety net cannot compete. There is where private involvement, with a tax incentive purpose can create something grand for each other. But it will take money to do. Allow me to state immediately that I am not seeking funding for this organization. I am seeking people who want to seek funding for this organization. I am appealing to their love of mankind. I am appealing to their guilt of supporting the poor, even the recent poor by providing a way to do it with just enough personal incentive to make it a community of like minded people, none of which has anything at all to do with politics.

The Internet is about the only place this could even happen on the scale it would become.

Allow me to explain The Social Net.

Government safety net programs have restrictions that keep deserving people out of assistance when they need it the most, and incentives for hustlers and abusers to take part in system they would not qualify for if one of the rules had included the end of benefits in concrete. Without an end, it is human nature to keep going, to keep doing what one does to survive. It is a spawning ground for confidence artists, thieves and cheats. (For any Progressive readers, that means people are held accountable for their own actions, its a Conservative thing.)

Membership in The Social Net is free. Any member can donate to The Social Net, easily on line. Any member can designate a portion (or all) of their donation to personal use. Any member who leaves that donation for the whole year can write it off on their income taxes, as the part of the donation not attributed to personal use is a direct paid contribution. But if during the year the member used The Social Net card, (most logical connection: to be Sponsored by the big hearts at PayPal,) the amount donated would be reduced. If anyone uses The Social Net card to pay for an approved service or product or bill payment, and the amount is greater than what they had contributed, The Social Net would cover that cost, within the available funds at the time.

That service results in a social solution (housed in a true social network community environment) through public tax incentives to provide the social net from:

Catastrophic injury, emergency room visits (approved procedures) not covered by insurance; Food up to a maximum per week , for a limited time; utility bill payments paid directly to the provider; cost of emergency housing for a limited time, home mortgage payment for one month, repair bills for covered major appliances (especially Air Conditioning, because as I write this, we have not had AC in Arizona in July since sometime in the middle of last night. That following a transformer catching on fire and knocking all electricity off a good part of yesterday. The AC toasted following a series of days where near brownouts would occur, dropping the voltage to the box outside and most probably breaking down some capacitor, but alas)… the cost of prescription medication and many more. All of them requiring the member to not be able to pay them directly, which is part of the membership approval process to find out.

Since The Social Network card is not a debit card, transactions through (yes, because its so obvious) Paypal would not be cash transactions. They would be record keeping.

And oh, Democrats: go ahead and tax those filthy rich peoples all you want. It will be more incentive for them to have a tax write off that helps people directly for the damage your party and your President have wreaked upon this nation.

Join The Social Net and your safety is assured, with no insurance. Prepaid coverage if you’d like, where the amount of tax write off you have is determined by how much you have remaining at the end of the year.

No one would be ashamed to use The Social Net card, as no one would know if they were not a contributor. A card with only a number, not a name. Cards reported stolen or lost would be instantly deactivated.

This kind of organization could be for profit if it charged a processing fee for each membership. $25.00 fee with all proceeds of donations going to needy people. No ponzi-scheme as a member’s donation (not attributed to a direct donation) remains their money until the end of the tax year and it is put to get use in the mean time. At no time would the organization provide benefits above what amounts had been designated for direct donation, unless it was for personal use and that would be paid from the prepaid open donation.

That designation would be the amount able to be provided as benefits and a known tax exemption for the donor. Whatever is left in the donation account becomes a permanent donation at the end of the tax year.

Or it could be run as a not for profit 501-C type animal. Which would require one of those Hollywood types to literally put their money where their mouth is and join The Social Net to contribute sufficient designated capital to fund its creation, operation and marketing as a dedicated donation.

Everyone in the United States could become a member just by signing up. Anyone could use the system as a prepaid medical intent. Anyone could use the system as a prepaid major repair intent. Anyone could use the system as a stockpile of food in unexpected hard times. There are others. And anyone can use the system to catch them when they fall; to keep them afloat while the row; to let them have their carrot and eat it too. Incentive to not only get back on their feet, but to want pay it forward by donating when they could.

Companies could join and provide The Social Net card to their employees, which will go a long way to make up for the disaster this Administration is turning employer sponsored health care into.

So, is there anyone who cares enough about his fellow man, who has the capital, or the knowledge of people who have the capital, to take this model, and run with it?

No, I am not asking for money. I am giving an idea away to help people deal with what the real result of social justice and corruption is. Not assigning responsibility to the responsible: degrades all responsibility and results in chaos. Doing it for power and reach is far greater an offense to the people, than incompetence would have been.

Well I just sorta figured that if I can’t fund a company again (it was funded before, don’t get me wrong) the next big thing should just be given away. So there you go.

The Internet to the rescue with a site that facilitates solutions to real world people problems, instantly. (Government workers, it isn’t your fault that the term ‘instantly’ is not used where you used to work. The Social Net member would not be restricted to a preset cost for a doctor visit, or a medication. The market takes care of that on its own: (that’s another Conservative thing.)

If it were my direction, I’d pick the 501-C animal model and not charge for membership applications. It would open the door to the truly needy. The ones who’s lives have been turned upside down and nearly destroyed by reckless attacks on the very fiber of this nation’s economic engine.

It is time the people become one agreeable community. All setting the goal of helping each other back onto their feet, as one person’s crisis now, could very well be another person’s crisis later.

But it will take someone or something else to do it.

The idea is there; with actually doing something important to help save our neighbors because we are theirs.

The concept is there; with actually doing something important to help save our neighbors without political argument.

The business model is there; with actually doing something important to help save each other.

Who will be there to allow doing something important at all?

Note: Some people may find this idea to be born from too much Glenn Beck program suggestion, such as the e4. e4 is Enlightenment, Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. In reality, the previous endeavor to restart a scientific company was Enlightenment and Education and Empowerment and Entrepreneurship and that happened some 16 years before Beck joined Foxnews. This is Empowerment. And Entrepreneurship, depending on what model is used.