Google Inc. Move Over Traitor!

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Around the 27:57 mark… Glenn Beck and obviously NewsCorp unleashes on Google Inc. The story Beck weaves is one of Google deeply involved in domestic spying, with deep intelligence connections to factions within the intel community. It is a story of Google’s activism, both in cash and deeds as their recently resigned head honcho is quoted as praising the efforts of a Google employee to help bring down the Egyptian government and Hosni Mubarak. But that is not all Google has been involved in that, in Becks words constitutes, an attempt to overthrow a nation:

Mark Yannone

I know that story.

Mark Yannone was a Libertarian congressional candidate in Arizona in 2004. He took it upon himself to launch an investigation of Google’s acting on behalf of someone in the government (or connected to it through board membership [was the library of congress computer comfortable?]) to censor information that exposed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). His work led to further investigation and is used in the coming book Roll Over Martin. Mark died in his home, “in his sleep” on 17 July 2009. He was a great guy and a complete PATRIOT!

Just out of curiosity, click this link: search Google then click this link search Bing!. Same search phrase. I wonder why Google has blocked it?

If you care to click past 10 result pages in Google be my guest. The entry is actually right here. Google has blocked PRWEB’s content. I wonder how they feel about that?

This is what that press release said: Links may not work, this is from 2004!

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 12, 2004

On March 24 2004 Google News indexed the Phoenix news site http://www.phxnews.com as it does everyday. Google picked up a story posted at 1:36 pm MST at http://www.phxnews.com about an investigation into corruption within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “Investigation Proves Federal Felonies By EEOC In Government Reverse Discrimination Case.”

“I first heard about it from Ernest Hancock, host of Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock, a blockbuster libertarian radio talk show on KFNX 1100 AM in Phoenix, Arizona.” Said Mark Yannone, the Libertarian candidate for the US House of Representatives in Arizona’s Congressional District 3. “Being fully aware of the power and coerciveness of the federal government, Ernie immediately jumped on this story and distributed it to all of his news update subscribers.”

The news story was transmitted by Google to subscribers of Google’s News Alert service within hours of its being ‘indexed’.

The Google News Alert for “eeoc” reported the indexing of the http://www.phxnews.com story at 2:34PM as “INVESTIGATION Proves Federal Felonies By EEOC In Government … PHXNews – Phoenix,AZ,United States … be called “THE WORST CASE OF FEDERALLY SPONSORED REVERSE DISCRIMINATION EVER PROVEN”, a complete report has been published detailing the illegality of EEOC … http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282″

The story was also distributed through faxes to major news organizations, the Senate leadership and EEOC regional offices.

That afternoon, EEOC offices from across the country visited http://www.rollovermartin.com where the investigation is posted.

EEOC ‘hits’ continued into March 25 when at 10:48AM they abruptly stopped. Scores of universities, businesses and private access accounts continued to view http://www.rollovermartin.com.

At 12:30PM on March 25 Lee Kent Hempfling, author of the investigation and victim of a series of EEOC crimes, entered the search term ‘federal felonies eeoc’ into Google’s News engine and the story was gone.

A press release was transmitted via fax to news organizations, Senate leadership and the Washington D.C. Regional EEOC office at 12:55PM. “GOVERNMENT CENSORS GOOGLE NEWS PHXNews.Com Listing IN EEOC COVERUP”

At 12:56PM the first email transmission of the press release was sent to the Agent in Charge of the Columbia SC FBI.

At 1:09PM a United States Senator’s office visited the site (U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms,, an address that had not visited the site before, or since.) At 1:16PM an EEOC office ( logged into the site (the Washington D.C. Regional EEOC office was in the fax list.)

At 2:58PM the site was visited by The Library of Congress, Information Technology Services (, at 3:02PM it was visited by Microsoft Corporation (

At 3:07PM Google News Service reported “GOVERNMENT CENSORS GOOGLE NEWS PHXNews.Com Listing IN EEOC … Correspondences.org – Lakewood,WA,USA Today, as of 12:30PM MT, after scores of visits by the EEOC to read the investigative report located at http://www.rollovermartin.com GOOGLE NEWS NO LONGER HAS … http://www.correspondences.org/archives/000577.html”

Shortly after the EEOC’s overwhelming interest in visiting http://www.rollovermartin.com came to halt, Google News manually removed the press release it had indexed from http://www.phxnews.com from responses to searches in the news engine.

“I was very bothered by the thought that Google could be corrupted overnight by the federal government,” said Yannone, “so I pursued it, trying to determine why the story about felonious behavior in the EEOC had disappeared from Google’s search results.”

But Google had not remembered to remove the original corruption investigation news release from its News Alert system engine.

Hempfling created numerous additional Google ‘alerts’ with each one reporting the presence of “Investigation Proves Federal Felonies By EEOC In Government Reverse Discrimination Case” complete with the active link at http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282.

The Google News Alert response at 4:26PM was: “GOVERNMENT CENSORS GOOGLE NEWS PHXNews.Com Listing IN EEOC … PHXNews – Phoenix,AZ,United States … Search “EEOC”, or “WCOO” or “Federal Felonies EEOC” or “Federal Felonies WCOO” and NO RESULT EXISTS for the story GOOGLE NEWS distributed in its News Alert … http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10310 and INVESTIGATION Proves Federal Felonies By EEOC In Government … PHXNews – Phoenix,AZ,United States In preparation for the filing of a Federal Civil Case, the report entitled, “Proof of Federal Felonies By The EEOC And LM Communications Inc” has been …http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282″

Yet searching for the terms within the News Alert headline provided by Google in its ‘alert’ email service did not produce the story Google’s own ‘alert’ system claimed was in the Google index.

On March 28 2004 Yannone wrote Google in email. “After Google twice evaded the question, a Google representative wrote to say that it had been a technical problem that was subsequently solved. When Google was asked why the story was not added back to the news index, the Google representative replied that it could not be done now because their system is wholly automated and their robots only pick up new news stories.”

Google had indeed ‘solved’ the ‘technical problem’. Google remembered the News Alert Service, taking it out of that index as well.

“We strive to include as many news sources as possible in Google News and appreciate suggestions from our users. We can assure you that we are not banning search access to an investigative report proving corruption in EEOC. Regards, The Google Team.”

The story, as of April 10, 2004, just 17 days old (Google removes news over 30 days old) is now completely out of the Google search index.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. After investigation we found the source of this technical problem. We’ve made some changes recently that has resolved the issue of articles falling out of the News index. Please let us know if you see this again in the future. Regards, The Google Team.”

Yannone ponders, “It is worthy of note, however, that since the story was first removed from Google’s news index, I have been unable to find the story with any search engine of any kind, no matter how large or how specialized, even though the story is still posted on the original site. I find that very interesting and very disturbing.”

How To Prove Google Censored The Story:

Enter the following search URL in a web browser:


This will search for site: phxnews.com and the story number 10282.

You will receive this result:

PHXnews.com | Breaking News from the Phoenix area, Tucson & …PHXnews.com, …

www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282%3E – 10k – Cached – Similar pages

PHXnews.com | Breaking News from the Phoenix area, Tucson & …… EEOC … http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282. and. from … General … http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282. Today …

www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10310 – 19k – Cached – Similar pages

The first result contains the characters for a greater than symbol (%3E).

Notice in the second listed result that the link to the story has a greater than symbol at the beginning and the end of the link. (This is exactly the way Google News Alerts show links.) The URL as a link is bracketed with less than and greater than characters.

Those characters were left in the second news story when it was posted. That story is “GOVERNMENT CENSORS GOOGLE NEWS PHXNews.Com Listing IN EEOC COVERUP” and contains the link to the manually censored story twice.

Go to the second story shown in the search results by clicking it and you will see how Google indexed the link to the censored story. The links shown within the story provided by the software of http://www.phxnews.com are like this: (place your mouse over the links and look at your status bar for the actual link URL: http://www.phxnews.com/fullstory.php?article=10282%3E.

They contain the right ‘greater than’ character.

Google’s proprietary software spidering algorithm simply was not able to identify the link within the second story as being the censored, prohibited story with an additional character attached to it. The robot indexed the link from the second story.

Since Google’s ranking protocol is based on ‘link back’ links giving placement higher to those pages with links to them, the robot was not able to identify the link with a ‘%3E’ in it as the same censored link.

This proves that Google has indeed indexed the second story, has indeed linked back to the first story (with an incorrect character provided by the software of http://www.phxnews.com) and recorded that link in its index.

Search for any term or terms or phrase or phrases within the first story and Google, even though it has indexed a link back to that story from the second story, will NOT result in the first story.

It was manually censored by Google on March 25, 2004.

Google’s own algorithm has given them up.

About Mark Yannone:

Mark Yannone is a 23-year resident of Arizona, a top-ranking ASU graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in business, a successful, hard-working entrepreneur and a dedicated Libertarian running for the US House of Representatives in Arizona’s Congressional District 3.

About Google News:

“Google News launched in beta in September, offering access to 4,500 leading news sources from around the world. Headlines and photos are automatically selected and arranged by a computer program which updates the page continuously. The free service lets users scan, search, and browse, with links from each headline to the original story.”

“Google News is highly unusual in that it offers a news service compiled solely by computer algorithms without human intervention. While the sources of the news vary in perspective and editorial approach, their selection for inclusion is done without regard to political viewpoint or ideology. While this may lead to some occasionally unusual and contradictory groupings, it is exactly this variety that makes Google News a valuable source of information on the important issues of the day.”

Google Inc. is facing a trademark challenge from The Market Age, an investment research business in the U.K. for the use of the term ‘GMail’ and is fending off a challenge from The World Privacy Forum, The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and 26 other interested organizations “calling upon Google to suspend its Gmail service until the privacy issues are adequately addressed. The letter also calls upon Google to clarify its written information policies regarding data retention and data sharing among its business units.” http://www.worldprivacyforum.org and http://www.privacyrights.org .

About The Original Press Release:

PHXnews – Investigation Proves Federal Felonies By EEOC In Government Reverse Discrimination Case

Investigation Proves Federal Felonies By EEOC In Government Reverse Discrimination Case

Phoenix AZ (March 24, 2004): In what can only be called “THE WORST CASE OF FEDERALLY SPONSORED REVERSE DISCRIMINATION EVER PROVEN”, a complete report has been published detailing the illegality of EEOC correspondence, actions and claims.

In preparation for the filing of a Federal Civil Case, the report entitled, “Proof of Federal Felonies By The EEOC And L.M. Communications Inc” has been published where EEOC Program Manager Billy C. Sanders, LM Communications Inc., Owner Lynn Martin, Lexington Attorney Bill Allen, WCOO General Manager Charlie Cohn and others are shown, without a doubt in relevant documentation to have committed federal felonies in a combined and jointly executed pattern of illegal activity to deprive a White Male of his Civil Rights and provide preferential treatment to a Black Female in securing an illegal settlement in an EEOC Charge with LM Communications Inc., of Charleston South Carolina brokered by the EEOC.

View the entire report at http://www.rollovermartin.com which been involved in a Federal Secret Case since being sealed in 2006.

Yes I know that story.

And I also know the answer to Google. Don’t you just hate searching for something, regardless if it is Google or Bing or Yahoo or any other search engine and winding up with a big list of results, shown to you 10 or so at a time, that you then have to manually search through? I do.

I also absolutely completely reject a Traitor to my country.

So now, there is a solution to Google syndrome. Google syndrome is so aptly presented in Bing! commercials, where one one leads to another site with a different topic to another site with a different topic and its all because all ‘search engines’ do just that. They search words, so you can search: for whether you like the result or not. Not actual answers.

Along with a few other products (wrapped in the re-birth of a 15 year old company) the world’s first and only true concept find engine was unveiled today. recall (the link opens a page about recall, click the logo to actually visit the demonstration location) is that solution.

recall is a find engine. Instead of searching the words that you type in, recall searches for connections to what they mean. The demonstration is very limited in scope, but it shows how recall results in conceptual matches, whether they are exact or near to the same.

I know the story of Google well. So I’ m just very happy that I happened to finish the demo of recall on the very same day Glenn Beck managed to finally, on a national stage, expose them for what they really are.

Until recall can learn the net, learn to live without Google:

You’re going to need to withdraw now.

Google may very well be, not what you think it is.

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