Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Letter Refuses Prosecution in Race Based Criminal Complaint

It was February 2, 2004 when the Department of Justice’s Albert N. Moskowitz, Section Chief, Criminal Section Civil Rights Division, through Aileen M. Cannon, Paralegal Specialist Criminal Division, responded to a letter from me dated January 13, 2004 seeking investigation of a series of allegations made against numerous agencies in the Executive Branch. The complaint centered on what could be termed , reverse racism, but was more specifically a series of 26 federal felonies. The original letter did not provide evidence. It provided a secure log in to acquire that evidence.

The Civil Rights Division never accessed the evidence, yet they ruled they way they did, in the response letter.

Letter is available at the link below.

Why is this significant? The civil rights division was cleaned out by George W. Bush, AFTER this letter was written, and after my federal case became embroiled in a much larger case, and then sealed. That larger case is presented at the link below. Bradley Schlozman was responsible for replacing the attorneys working in the Civil Rights Division with what he called ‘Good Americans’.

A quote from today’s TalkingPointsMemo puts it into the progressive perspective:

You’ve probably noticed that J. Christian Adams, the former DOJ attorney, is making the rounds of Fox and CNN today whistle-blowing about the Obama DOJ’s refusal to bring voter intimidation cases against blacks over the New Black Panther case from election day 2008.

There’s a lot to say about this. And a lot to say about CNN going along with this claptrap. But in case you didn’t already know, Adams was one of the attorneys US Attorney firing scandal luminary Bradley Schlozman hired when he was purging the Civil Rights Division of female, minority and non-right wing attorneys and replacing them with “good Americans.”

Basically, Adams was one of the guys who got in during the bad old days when the crooks and bamboozlers then running the DOJ were purging career attorneys and replacing them with right-wing activists like Schlozman himself. And remember, Schlozman’s role at the Bush DOJ was getting US Attorneys to bring bogus ‘vote fraud’ cases to further the effort to suppress minority and low-income voter turnout.

How soon they forget.

Problem is, those that matter have not forgotten and the typical reaction of TPM misses the most important point. Schlozman’s hiring ‘good Americans’ was literal. The others, the ones who took part in destroying the Constitutional Rights of an individual were NOT GOOD AMERICANS. They were plants, spies, owing loyalty OUTSIDE of the government. (Watch Beck!)

And now, J. Christian Adams brings it to light after Obama put those BAD Americans back in charge.

Fox News’ Meghan Kelly has been spearheading the expose’ of the Department of Justice. It is just the tip of the iceberg.