Life Retraction

As author of nine chapters and white papers on the scientific study of neuro-science, I find it incontrovertibly necessary that I retract the portions of those documents that address whether life begins at conception, or if it begins upon separation.

The conclusion is that life does not begin at the moment of conception. I shall not beg to bore the pants off of most readers by posting that exercise here. I read Red State far too much to force anything. All I ask is that you don’t hate me for disagreeing with your opinion.

How I reached that conclusion, and it was a drastic departure from the aforementioned documents, is detailed for review. I am a conservative and I have come to the conclusion that life does not at all begin at the moment of conception.

If you want to read the piece, and are willing to walk through the logic with me, you can access the link below. If you care not to, I completely understand and thank you for your time in indulging me this far.

Retraction: Life Does Not Begin at Conception