Watch Out For Victim Terrorists

They know our system. They know our ways. They know our society and its segments and its sub-parts and its cliques and they know our incessantly repeated jump to conclusions mania and they know our laws and they know our hot topics.

And those hot topics were just played in Times Square.

The guy was a dude. He became a citizen. He lost his home in foreclosure. He sacrificed so much and got so nothing. He was a pure and simple set up to match the typical American as viewed by Terrorists. Do you really think for one moment that the leaders of the Terrorists are so stupid that they want to kill us all and would not give one single conscious thought to using our own stupidity against us?

The guy was metrosexual in appearance.
The guy wasn’t an illegal immigrant. He became a citizen and stupid people were counted on (it worked dudes) to feel his pain and ignore how they were played like only a master could tinker the keys.
The guy was a victim of big banks and wallstreet.
He made a lot of trips to see the terrorists but anyone can like home and want to go back there and gee-whiz he was a citizen afterall.

Sound like someone you know?

Terrorists are fully convinced, as is most of the world; thanks to the media’s usefulness, that Americans are bisexual, fiercly territorial (you know, Great Satan and all), a victim of big business and big oil and big insurance and big banks and big wallstreet and big walmart for that matter its just anything big Americans see as being bad and they are victims of those big bad things.
And Americans take plenty of vacations, they go to places like those things they see on Satellite T.V. Places with names like Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta: not one of them comprising the average American. Not one.

So the Terrorists have started acting on their homework. They studied us through our broadcasts. They monitored us through our public fights and squabbles. They learned all about us by just watching us kill ourselves. And they certainly don’t like FOXNEWS as that just upsets the mental image of American. Americans are cowards. Americans don’t stand up to something. (shhhh don’t tell ‘em.)

Thank God they are just Terrorists. If they were alien intelligent life we would be self-destructing far faster than we already are.

Oh wait. They are. Citizens are not illegal. They certainly are intelligent. They have no value for life so they will take advantage on those who do.

Come to think of it, God?

Please disregard the last comment of thanks. It was all that legal illegal stuff.

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