Excerpt Of New Book Sheds Light On Libby Prosecution

What Does I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby REALLY Have To Do With National Security? Did you perhaps miss something in the noise?

The courts sealed and withheld justice through fake orders and a secret court. George W. Bush had never really been in charge of his Administration. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s remarks of August 6, 2006 had no effect on the disasterous emotional turmoil, in that, “every person has the right to know what the laws are and to enforce them without fear of retaliation or retribution”, is completely foreign to reality. You will learn why those United States Attorneys were fired. You will learn what Alberto Gonzalez really did, and why, in his own words, it will take years for the truth to be known. ‘Good Americans’ replaced those who were not, and now, the President of The United States is putting very seriously bad Americans back in place. Rollover Martin! A novel. Based on a completely true and verifiable series of documented events.

Rollover Martin. Racism & bigotry are a cancer of the human species. As Democrats try to make the topic racist Republicans, the truth about Progressives catches up them. They do not know it, but this story will be the downfall of the most specific, most orchestrated, best financed, most uniquely attempted, non-violent overthrow, of a sovereign state, in history.

What is Title 18, United States Code, Section 793? How did it apply to Libby?

Read the excerpt from Chapter One of Rollover Martin at http://www.rollovermartin.com