Glenn Beck Used To Scam Cable Providers

Just think, no one would have been the wiser if it weren’t for the glorious progressive-liberal trait of ignoring consequences.

http://www.actblue.com/ is scamming local Foxnews cable providers.

How do we know? They admit it: http://crooksandliars.com

You see, Blue America joined the Color of Change advertising boycott of the crazed and demented Glenn Beck Show on Fox. Every time we run an ad campaign, we instruct all the networks to not run any Blue America spots on Beck’s programs. But they sometimes run them anyway. “Oh, no,” you think? Actually, it’s wonderful. Although he has a big– albeit stupid– audience, there are some people watching for the sheer hysteria and trainwreck quality of it all. So why wonderful? Well, every time they run a Blue America spot on his show, they refund the money. So we have his cake and eat it too.

Example, Blue America has spent nearly $100,000 this year making sure that voters in the 8 counties that make up the Arkansas’ Democratic heartland were aware of Blanche Lincoln’s voting record. More often than not, the vast majority of voters, anywhere, don’t really know much about their candidates. They knew Blanche was a “Democrat,” like FDR and JFK and Clinton and Obama… but not much more. And they have a pretty good idea about where Republicans stand when it comes to their attitudes towards working people. So Blanche benefited while she played footsie with the Chamber of Commerce and other right wing front organizations. Well, $100,000 in targeted advertising in just a few counties and go a very far way and we watched excitedly as Blanche’s re-elect ratings went down and down and down, not in Republican counties, but in traditional Democratic areas along the Mississippi. She’s unelectable now.

And last week we got another nice check back from our agency for $1,037 worth of ads that ran on Glenn Beck’s shows in Arkansas. Usually we just turn the checks around and buy more ads on MSNBC or BET, the Food Channel, USA Network, HGTV or CNN. But Blanche is toast; no need to waste any more money on that one. And besides, the labor unions and other groups have come to the party with 4 or 5 million dollars. No one will miss our $1,037. So… what should we do with it? How about using it to help defeat a couple particularly noxious Blue Dogs?

No one will miss ‘THEIR’ $1,037? How about the cable provider in Arkansas? Pretty ticked off, I would assume, if they should read here how http://www.actblue.com/ and http://colorofchange.org and http://crooksandliars.com (Never a more accurate domain name!) to coin just a few, conned them out of advertising.

All it would take is what they are doing. Proclaim you won’t advertise on a national show. Place ads locally. Trick the local provider into honoring the national boycott and whalla.. free issues advertising.

I sure hope the cable providers that have been victims of this theft (because that IS what it is) will file charges and shut down what is obviously part of a criminal enterprise, acting in concert with other criminal enterprises.

(Yeah I know. The headline could be taken the other way, but then again, so could crooksandliars.)