Fox News Falls For No Substance, All Plouffe

Fox News online is running a poll.

Notice anything Fox News has missed?

What’s your take on Obama bringing back David Plouffe?

  1. Smart move. Obama needs to do a better job selling his agenda.
  2. I don’t get it. I know Obama needs to sell his agenda, but isn’t it time to stop campaigning against President Bush?
  3. Act of Desperation. Voters told Obama his agenda isn’t selling and his speeches aren’t solving problems, so… Why not beat up on Bush!?

Progressives have done such a grand job of making everything about style, that even good ol’ Fox News is caught up in it all.

Obama has been ‘selling’ his message. Sales do not happen because one is not selling well enough. You stupid Progressive. Sales do not happen
when the product is crap! If you ever held a job in the real would you might have learned that. Doubtful.

It is something you might wanna hurry up and learn real quick like since you now make cars and want to play doctor.

Voters didn’t tell Obama his agenda wasn’t selling. They told him his agenda is CRAP!

Voters get substance. Progressions do not know what it is. Literally.

And Fox News’ use of style would make David Plouffe so happy.

Now that’s he back No Substance, All Plouffe. Nothing is going to change unless the news starts playing in substance, or http://www.havearoach.com eventually happens. Too late for the Republic?