The Hilarity of Firedoglake

Today, they complain that Senate Health Bill Uses Federal Enforcement Against Individuals, but Not Private Insurers arguing that there is no penalty, enforcement against insurance companies, but they have no problem whatsoever being told and forced by Big Brother to pay for something they may otherwise not want to have, let alone pay for. Stupid people give up logic when they ignore it to spin it to their own ends. Unintended consequences be damned.

In Dear Right-Wing Bedwetters: George H.W. Bush Sought to Try Lockerbie Terrorists in US Court Firedoglake complains that way back in the late 80’s the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which killed a total 270 people, then Director William Webster of the CIA was quoted in…

[excerpt from the Washington Post – 11/4/89]

Regarding the investigation into the mid-air bombing that killed all 259 people aboard Pan Am Flight 103 and 11 more on the ground in Scotland, [CIA Director William] Webster said the U.S. government is still not at the point where it could issue indictments and arrest warrants for anyone.

Webster praised the combined efforts of investigators from four nations to track down the terrorists responsible but said there had been “too much discussion” in the news media about their work.

“It makes it very difficult to lay traps and find new evidence when people start reading about themselves. And it makes countries and [security] services defensive. Right now the name of the game is for the bomb not to have been put on board in their country,” he said. He added that by using the term “lay traps,” he meant surveillance of suspects. […]

Asked whether the goal is to apprehend those responsible and bring them back to the United States for trial, the CIA director replied, “That’s correct.”

Here we have an airline brought down in another country and the CIA wanting to prosecute the terrorists and that somehow means something in relation to today. Oh wait…

How times have changed.

Yep Firedoglake: its called having the homeland attacked. I know that means nothing to you and that proves my point. Firedoglake is populated with idiots.

And that begs the point.

When did we, as a society, consider all people to be sane and intelligent and replace the stupid people with an ‘ideology’ called progressive or liberal or socialist, and give them equal soapbox time? In any other ‘time’ the village idiots would marked as village idiots NOT MADE THE RULING PARTY!

Stupid would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad.