Republican Call To Action: Mental Disorders do NOT belong in government service.

Gender identity disorder (GID) is a recognized psychiatric disorder.

Transgender people dispute the disorder as a mental condition, as not being a psychiatric disorder. All people with psychiatric disorders disagree they have such a disorder, or they would be SANE!

Republicans need to BLOCK the appointment of “Amanda” Simpson to the Commerce Department as public servants CANNOT BE INSANE!

Until the time comes (and since many psychiatrists are just as insane as their patients are) that GID is declared NOT to be a mental disorder, not one person who suffers from the disorder should be permitted to hold office, be appointed to government service or in any way be entrusted with anything requiring sane people to perform.

GID is not homosexuality. GID is the poster child for self-deception. A person is inside a body with male DNA, male sexual organs, and NO female sexual organs and their mental state decides they can override genetics, override and ignore physical structure and declare they are the other gender. THAT is insanity!

It is up to Republicans to set the bar on this and do it NOW! Simpson does not ‘need’ a government job. He NEEDS psyciatric help. And ‘he’ is NOT ‘she’, nomatter what he does to try to change that.