God Bless Liberal Think

Yes that was a correct headline. Liberal think is the term I like to use to refer to the trait all liberals have, that they are almost unable to identify themselves. A slim trait of insanity. It is in the total disregard for consequence.
Things liberals do always have a rather incorrect ending. Consequences happen, whether they are attributed to the liberal idea come to its rotted fruition, or if they are simply footnotes in history that spawned greater and worse, seemingly unconnected events. Consequences do happen. In drugs they are called side effects. In the aftermath of liberals policies and ideas, it is called a new awakening. It should have taken a rather long time, but since it was a liberal idea, the liberal think curse struck again.

And along come the brilliant amateurs in the White House to concoct a media blitz against Fox News. Part of that was sarcasm. From a reactive defense of ignoring Fox News, they rebounded to proactive offense and the result has been the exact same thing every liberal idea has ever had as its final experience, from the perspective of the ending point. No thought of consequence.

The trait of believing one’s own conclusions grades up from confidence in a specific thing, and reaches well past the level of being willing to defend those self conclusions to the death.

That method of thinking is liberal think. The beauty of it all though, is that every single liberal idea winds up costing more, hurting more, enslaving more and pushing otherwise wise and thoughtful tradition into history’s future myths. It is happening with Christmas, Easter and every other Christian celebration taken by a grateful nation to be national holidays.

Fox News’ ratings are increasing as people who otherwise do not watch the news at all, are drawn to just sample what the Commander in Chief is so upset about. Funny thing. A good deal of them are staying. They didn’t know there was another viewpoint. Fox is very wonderfully running the perfect self promotion spot to let the new Fox family members be confident in their choice of returning. Fox News is actually the ONLY real news gathering, news delivering network in the country. Makes for a big target. The liberal think idea of attacking a network that has really only had one difference between it and the other networks in the past (that of actually acting like they were Americans First!) without regard for consequence has caused that consequence to be an awakening.

Insert Japan comparison here, stress timing and event size differences and ask oneself, self, on account you are talking to you, what on earth possessed the White House to be so arrogant as to assume total victory over a news network was even a remote possibility in one’s most encouraging dream state?

Yes God Bless liberal think, as it has most likely added a bit of steam to an already far overdue ruling. Yes, Gingrich is right. We can always repeal whatever evil it is the liberals do to the Constitution, the Republic and Capitalism itself. But repairing damage might be a bit closer, now that the amateurs have taken the wheel.