Open Letter To Dr. John Corsi

Your optimism is most refreshing, but I have two major issues with your reason.

The belief that Americans will rise up and become the modern Patriot you call for, is over-the-top optimistic. They would if they knew. They, for the most part, do not know. They do not follow Washington unless Washington interrupts them and with the media in the plan, as Marx would so approve, the American people have heard only great things about the savior of all the world. A few have heard the truth from FoxNews. The others, the overwhelming majority of Americans, have not one clue anything is going on at all, about anything, other than their own lives. And you know it.

The second issue has to do with your optimism being founded in deeper stone than you imagine, but rooted in a far different approach than a self-growing popular movement.

All you have to do is understand one thing, and accept another. Understand that what is depicted in the poem at the URL below is based on a real thing, yet is depicted in the past tense for effect. Then accept, that my having written such a poem was based in personal knowledge and not theory, conspiratorial or not. Only the events depicted as ahead of the present time, are projected potentials. Those potentials though, are derived from deduction of known events prior. So either I am not intelligent enough to deduce a chain of events’ potential, and most logical outcome based on a glaringly obvious skeletal structure, or I am. You would have to accept the latter to qualify as accepting the educated deduction.

However you, or anyone read the poem, what you get out of it, what you may surmise from your own projection, is wrong. The poem is literal. It is not allegoric. It is told in the past tense in order to establish it as history. Therefore it should be viewed as a literal description of events that ‘took’ place. One might call my confidence in the potential deductions made, to be rather large. I am not one to conclude through any form of jump. Deductions cannot be actual deductions without having gone through a seriously supportive background from which to exist at all. They would be inductions, the ‘visual’ side of thinking, making decisions, instead of contributing to the deduction. It is a main trait of liberals.


All the best for the new book, John. It was so uplifting to finally hear the name of George Soros come back into the discussion, as the man who is shorting America. And showing where Soros sits in what Glenn Beck has shown as a pyramid. How could anybody ever wonder why the slime in the White House would be so out to silence, bankrupt, slander, and destroy Fox News?