Serious Open Letter To Glenn Beck

So why is it that Obama seems compelled to break into the Beck Program? Huh? My wife Suesie ran to watch your Saturday show and was rather, shall I say, verbal about the interruption. She remembered that happening before. She also remembers your Mother show and is quite impressed with how much the mothers were transparent. No color. Just Americans. She is still going on about that ‘man’ who was so rude.

Well he did it. Speaking to the Black Congressionals, he publicly confirmed that the payoff has been made for service to the ’cause’. It was an inside message. It was transparent, but deceptively so. Suesie’s mothers were genuinely just Americans. Obama’s admission of pay for play was hidden in the words. Smart man, that speech writer. But it was admission nonetheless.

If one were to place your perspective upon the triangles leading to George Soros, (and combine the aggravating experience) of a President who publicly spoke WITHOUT the introduction of ‘The President’. At least it appeared to me to have no introduction. I was watching the Beck show and when the rotten speech interrupted the show, I was startled for just a moment. I could have missed the introduction. I know for certain I did not hear ‘Hail To The Chief’. I did not see the Secret Service watching. Perhaps Fox News just joined the speech after the introduction. But to me, he just walked onto the stage. If it is true that he did that, then that is the MOST poor taste, poor judgment, personal arrogance of any man ever to occupy that office. This speech can only be about a non-Presidential thing in that case.

He gave it as Barack Obama, the citizen. His position was not recognized, meaning his speech was personal, not Presidential. That can only mean, that for the time of that speech, he had stepped DOWN from the office of President. He can’t just decide when he is President and when he is citizen. He can’t! It is a high crime. I certainly hope I’m wrong about this. I hope he got the customary ‘The President of The United States’ introduction. I didn’t hear the crowd acting like he had just been introduced. I watched the crowd get a little excited when they saw him but they didn’t welcome the President, for sure. Hopefully I’m wrong. But conveniently I am unable to locate a video of that speech, other than short snippets about health insurance extorti…… excuse me… reform.

Your triangle sketch is looking at the collection of people and organizations just from the top down. You have drawn the top of the full triangle. The spider’s liar of the web.

The perspective from the bottom of the triangle, provided probable cause to show the triangles to be a web, interconnected, through illegal influence, through a shadow government. It was the first time a door had opened into major governmental agencies that bypassed such restrictions. It shed light on the smallest triangles, which in turn, lit up, when the light was on. The shadow was exposed. It leads all the way to your triangle, from a very different method. It allows you to know when things happened. It will allow you to trace the origin of the shadow government back to Bill Clinton. It is ALL in the news. It is ALL public record.

Good luck in making people wake up to the threat that is so very very real, and I might add, imminent.

Where your triangle is focused on the entities intersecting, this method is from the focus of what the connections actually are, that make up the communication, that allow the existence of any form of shadow. Or of any form of investigation.

You drew that when you added an arrow on each end of the connection line. But the actual name for what has been going on, can only really be discerned by a bottom up viewpoint. A great way to gain that viewpoint is to read published news articles, or in the gesture of good will, small portions of published news reports.

The link below will take you to a search engine. The index is rather large for a search engine of this nature, so loading results may be slow, may take a long time and in some rare cases may time out. It wasn’t designed to become as large as it did. This is something to be expected when using it.

Following the story from its first inception, as a tiny, obnoxious pawn,
to the roots, between bigger fish become evident, just by placing actual news events and some rare, appearing insightful commentary in context. Or you can search by a person’s name, an organization name, a foundation name, a politician name, legal name and such, if that keeps your interest. This is a long collection of news and rare commentary. Reading it from the start, the oldest date, will consume your life, ruin your bowels and make you stand while you work.

And yes, I have unsuccessfully attempted to preclude any alternative medium of yours. Or I would not be wasting Red Staters’ time. Providing access to this search engine is giving away the book. But that doesn’t matter to me.

BTW: You do a pretty good show. From a former radio program director’s viewpoint. Your triangle replaced Soros with Obama. I’m sorry Glenn, Soros is not the type to cut and run.

Search link: Timeline Search
Takes for freaking ever to load, listed by date: Show all ordered by date, but please spare me the expense and don’t bother with this link if you are not on a connection cable super-sized or higher (20M or more).

And I really hope Allahpundit reads the whole thing, if for no other reason than to give him a personal decision jolt that would allow the conscious suspension of disbelief. Disbeliever. Reading this poem, will enlighten a bit further. Ignore the free computer game, it is there just to attract attention. It is free, but very few people care about that.

You said, if you know something to let you know. I’ve tried but getting through your email is impossible. There is much more to what you know. Take this web uncovered by a sealed federal case, match it to your triangles and start seeing what makes up the connections between those entities. It is a far more interesting investigation.