Lifting State Secrets - Call For Action

So, now that Holder and Obama have lifted the heavy hand of secrecy, only in the case of ‘national security’, and with the comment from the ACLU that previous use of such secrecy was to, “stymie legitimate cases against government misconduct,” I am calling for the Justice Department to uncover, to unseal and to release the hidden case housed in the fourth circuit court system pertaining to ‘government misconduct’ and national security (which I agree with the ACLU should not hide such misconduct, the guilty parties are still working for the government) involving my name. The story is touched on at http://www.havearoach.com.

Nobody reads these things and I don’t expect any action from such a call. Just be aware of it. It exists. It will change everything and I am damn sick and tired of watching my country go down a toilet when it DID NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!