More info on Democrat Corruption

It may appear on the surface that the link below is not what it is. That is on purpose (most people are more interested in a computer game, then they are in Democrat corruption).

If I can get your help in telling people about this ‘free computer game’, (no income from the site at all), then we can get them to read the poem on the site and learn about Democrat Corruption they are not yet aware of.

This corruption has been in a federal secret court since at least 2006. This is a real court case that will make an impact when released. More than you can imagine. If you don’t like the poem, enjoy the game. If you don’t like the game, enjoy the poem. Either way, thank you for taking a look, and hopefully, you can help spread the word.



BTW: This IS very original research, reporting, commentary, & analysis on a topic that is ripe at this moment.