The Father Hath Spanked Us All

How dare we speak against the takeover of our nation?! How dare we oppose!? Without Republicans, he will do it anyway, the people be damned. Obama lashed OUT at conservatives and Republicans. He did not use a phrase, or a slogan to be repeated on the news, he reached out and verbally slapped us all.

You see, his goal has never been health care. It has always been health insurance, as part of the magic of control afforded to the boss of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Auto Industry, Banking Industry, keep counting…. he would have taken the industry with law, had we let him. But the uproar stopped that strategy. Plan B was always intended to be the point as it competes the health care industry, right out of business. That’s what they mean by the term, ‘Public Option’. It has nothing to do with the people.

He’s going to put the private insurance companies out of business, through laws that force coverage, and laws that set prices, and laws that take away the choice of business in a capitalist society. He is setting up the insurance industry to be in a position where, within a couple of years, after the laws kick in, the insurance industry will need a bailout. If not sooner, (stock prices tank on account everyone knows they are being forced out of business by big brother) if not by some other clever device: Obama will buy in:  national health care, imposed upon the People, by non-armed, malfeasance laced, insurrection. The Constitution means nothing in this debate. It is the one thing every mainstream media outlet strives to withhold. Americans don’t like our Constitution tinkered with, let alone stomped on, to disenfranchise the entire citizenry of Constitutional protections, en mass, as if a blitzkrieg had just been added to the menu at Sonic.

Nothing you get from that speech should cloud what the fact is: Obama always knew he had the majority to pass anything he wanted. What he wanted was not really known, until now. He wants to add the insurance industry, and the hospital industry to the car industry, and banking industry. While the government has its hand inside AIG, Obama will deliver the payoff. Not the thing we’ve all been talking about. The thing that he made clear tonight. Fascism. It will happen, he has the votes and enough dumb-ass politicians from both parties willing to carry their own execution sword, in his honor.

His version of a ‘public option’ is to compete with private insurance, on limited incomes, heavily taxed and fee’d. Up against the maker of the rules, the collector of the fees, the imposers of the law, the taxes and the regulations, private insurance, that buys a great deal of the markets, which employs a vast amount of people, supports entire towns and little leagues , is a dead industry working. Right behind that, those ol’ pesky auto and life and home insurance guys don’t seem to want to play Chicago ball either.

Obama claimed no deficit. No problem. Chicago.

Spending cuts (make that people living or not) will happen if we can’t pay our way on tax money.
So we’ll be paid by the cost of the waste. (Kinda sorta guarantees those death panel things.) No problem. Chicago.

He just drew a line in the sand with a feather. But stranger things have succeeded. So now we know what Obama’s new plans are.

You see, Obama just doesn’t understand Republicans. He thinks a Republican is like a Democrat. They are party members. No Problem. Apache Junction.

Republicans are not members of interest groups. Democrats are. The Democratic Party is made up of the subtle power battles between its essential interest groups. The Republican Party is made up of citizens, the overwhelming majority deep Patriots. Republicans are not an entity made up of smaller entities. Republicans are Americans First. Republicans place country above those special interest groups. Sure, there are splinters within the Republican Party, but please, that is what overwhelming majority applies to.

So, even though nobody really caught it, but some will begin to feel it, and others will go back and watch it again, and yet others will dismiss the quest as absurd: know for sure that it is the very thing that awoke the sleeping giant before. Then, it was not war that awoke a nation. It was betrayal of sovereignty. The war got the headline, but the American people’s switch being thrown provided the sweat, the sacrifice and the sheer will to win a common value. A nation. A community.

What he really said, will slap the face of every Republican who can hear it, beyond the acting, beyond the pacing and inflection. Into what was said, not how it was said. Obama drew the line in the sand, he is completely confident he can control and he has declared Republicans, and independents who are not of the ‘family’ as irrelevant. He will succeed, the people be damned.

So we were all taken to the woodshed tonight. Liberals got a Bill Clinton like two hand grasp to the elbow, while Republicans got the shaft. The American People. Wake Up! Your nation is becoming something else. It is a betrayal of sovereignty.