Ameri-Kid's Official TeleBuddy

HotAir’s Ed Morrissey runs the word counter and finds Obama will utter the word ‘I’ 56 times in a speech to the unknowing victims of tomorrow’s brand of liberals. His speech to the children is using the exact same writing technique that has made Obama what he is today. The more a person invokes self, without appearing condescending, the more personal the words are. Obama reads his TelePrompTer very well, and will undoubtedly follow backward in Reagan’s foot prints and finally admit he is nothing but an actor.

Put reading it well, acting well, with words that invoke something we all are, and Obama will emerge from Tuesday’s school speech as the Ameri-Kid’s Official Tele-Buddy. His speech is not about education at all. It is about attitude in school and at home. His speech is so placid for a politician that one simply has to do the math to unearth the point of the thing in the first place. It certainly isn’t that Obama thinks politically he should be ignoring health-care-insurance whatever for third graders’ attention.

There is a political reason that centers on the very use of the word ‘I’. Everyone is an ‘I’. No one is another other person’s “I”. And since to some people “I” is all that matters, and to others “I” has no meaning, each person relates to “I”.

By connecting that many times to a common interest (especially the younger than 8 crowd who have yet to replace their imaginary friend with the “I” they finally realize has been nudging them all along) just as a great salesman would, (the term sales person does not apply here), they will be led to believe what the President says in the speech. Which will lead to believing what the President says in the future. And even though hardly any of the children will be of voting age by the time of the next congressional election, some few will be. Knowing full well conservatives would clammer for sharp objects, the White House political will is all about Rahm Emmanuel, a Chicago thug muscle man, who would use that expected reaction to push the content of the speech into the press under the guise of distilling the mayhem they themselves created.

So we read it with great zeal before the little children are presented it in the same place their cartoons come from, in the same place they learn things and they will hear from a kindly, wise, yet so familiar high official they had heard about before and many will fall in the puppy love normally reserved for impossible reaches.

Ameri-Kid’s Official Tele-Buddy will warm their little hearts. He will face so little organized opposition, since he has ‘given up’ the goods in advance. And he will carry out what he intended to carry out before he managed to wag the dog again and control not only the message, none of the major traditional press bothered with opposing viewpoints so no one really knew about it, unless they were politically or militarily active and interested, and those people are indeed few.

Then as a dog tossed to a starving bone, we eat it where it lay, we savor the victory of permission to partake in the session no one would hear about until it was too late. We breath a sigh of relief and go about our lives and never learn, unless you are reading this now, the most clever criminal act ever committed on any global soil, tastes not a thing like it should because just like the pet rock, the clapper and now the Snuggie, people can be drastically manipulated through standard media of motion (not so much in radio, as it only uses one sense, TV uses two senses… far more interesting to remember what has been seen and heard.) See and hear it enough and it must be true. That would be the stupid people, the borderline stupid and the just plain fence sitting humanoid.

Obama will become the Ameri-Kid’s Official TeleBuddy. He will have ever so slightly thawed a perception of him by non-committed political drop-outs, and will in the least, dent an issue against the Republicans. He will also gain an entire jury pool in his favor.

Boy, that Rahm guy is really good at his job. Funny thing is, the Robert’s option Obama was given, will work in his favor. Nobody will be in the mood. But the kids will be there, and their emotional protection of their Tele-Buddy will prompt mom and dad to argue, and the ostrich in the sand technique is indeed the best compromise. That will leave it all for oh, at least another 30 years. I’ve often felt sorry for the hippies, (I was not really a hippy. Long hair and strange behavior doth not a hippy make.) It took them 30 years to build it, and it might take only 5 years to take it down.

And oh yes, that speech writing technique? It is what makes Obama’s speechessto attractive. It is what elected him. It is invoking self, like all good liberals do, because everybody has one.

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