Its the Labor Day Weekend: Have A Roach on me!

No, this is not a commercial announcement. Yes, it is true that I am giving away a free roach! to every person who reads the poem, but it is the poem that matters.

The poem, ‘Have A Roach’ explains a great deal about a great deal of things going on, that if you just watched the news you might have some idea this existed.

Have A Roach is my way of paying forward. Albeit, a free roach! may not be what motivates you to visit the site, nor what motivates you to read the poem, but once you do, you will understand why a roach! is the only thing I can give to someone for reading the poem, and then go enjoy the roach!

If you cherish freedom and liberty, you should be able to discern what the poem is talking about, but alas for those who take freedom for granted and liberty as anarchy, the poem will fall flat on barren brains.

So, be the first on your block to have your very own actual roach! free, from a website. Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Laugh at the totally antiquated nature of its appearance. Be prepared to be wowed. A roach! is a far better thing than that other form of vermin.

And I thank you in advance, for taking the time to find out what the poem is all about. As of this moment, the domain is working for most of the country and will reach everyone in a day or two.