Honduras kicks out the trash, and Obama goes dumpster diving to protect it.

Honduras Projection: The State Department is truly just another Obama propaganda ministry.

In a statement released today, the State Department said this:

“The Department of State recognizes the complicated nature of the actions which led to June 28 coup d’etat in which Honduras’ democratically elected leader, President Zelaya, was removed from office. These events involve complex factual and legal questions and the participation of both the legislative and judicial branches of government as well as the military.”

They admit that the legislative and judicial branches of the Honduran government, and the military acted together to remove ONE MAN from office. That man, Zelaya will face charges if he returns:

“Roberto Micheletti, who was named interim president after the military bundled Zelaya onto an airplane June 28 and sent him to Costa Rica, said Zelaya would be jailed and tried on 18 charges of violating the constitution if he returned.”

In this country, if the President violates the Constitution, who would prosecute?

It certainly would not be the Justice Department. He controls that agency. It would have to be the military, as they are sworn to protect against any enemy, foreign, AND DOMESTIC. So why is Hillary Clinton meeting with Zelaya, at the state department, while the Courts, the Legislature and the military of Honduras are accusing him of violating their constitution?

Could it be, that the exact same process will happen here, and Obama’s minions are just pushing the term ‘coup d’etat’  to cover one communist’s ouster from power, in order to frame their own?

Just imagine if you will, that the U.S. faced a similar problem. Here, the congress would not vote to oust our President, as his minions are the majority in congress. High crimes and misdemeanors are a step below treason to the constitution. In this country, national security is handled by more than one ‘agency’. A military court would have to rule, a military arrest would have to be made, and communists the world over would call it a ‘coup d’etat’. When in fact, it would be the constitution standing up TO a ‘coup d’etat’.

That is what happened in Honduras, and now your state department has officially sided with Hugo Chavez, and the Castro brothers and acted against a valid constitutionally controlled country, protecting its very constitution from one man’s attempt to over throw it, piecemeal. (Sound familiar?)

No matter what they do, their actions tell who they are.

“The Department of State further announces that we have identified individual members and supporters of the de facto regime whose visas are in the process of being revoked.”

Honduras kicks out the trash, and Obama goes dumpster diving. The ONLY logical motive is self-preservation, as the facts just don’t support this government’s position.