Health Care Solution Involves the 'C' Word

No. Not THAT ‘C’ word. The word that can solve the health care and health insurance issue, that Republicans SHOULD be screaming about is CAPITALISM.

Health care costs are skyrocketing. My own doctor’s office just closed its doors. The doctor left town to return to his previous clinic practice due to people just not paying the high price of a visit and his insurance payments being drastically delayed. There is ONLY one solution.

Reduce Demand!



Eliminate and prohibit drug advertisements. It used to be that way. It used to be, when a person felt ill they would visit a doctor, who would DIAGNOSE the condition and prescribe a potential solution, whether it was a procedure or a drug.

Today, doctors are simply the middle position. Ever since congress permitted drug advertisements patients have been finding they might have ailments they didn’t even know about. And health care costs have increased. They enter a doctor’s office convinced they suffer from the most recent onslaught of the newest drug’s targeted illness. They tell doctors what to prescribe. THAT IS DEMAND and it is artificial demand, which is far worse.

Stopping drug advertisements will eliminate the enticement to create demand through false diagnoses, made by the patient. People will go back to seeking medical care when they actually need it, with symptoms first, disease diagnoses later.

Democrats will never go along with eliminating drug advertisements, so Republicans had better grab the topic with both hands and run with it.

We are about to face socialized medicine, with all of its failings. The alternative is an injection of free market capitalism through a simple act that has a basis in law!

It is ILLEGAL for a patient to acquire a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription. It is illegal for a doctor to prescribe a prescription drug without examination. Drug advertisements are artificially creating demand to side step the examination by causing the patient to demand a drug for an illness they most likely never heard of until they saw it a thousand times during their favorite TV show.

Drug advertisements create a demand that places a strain on the health care system. That drives up costs and drives up insurance premiums.

But. Do Republicans have the guts to tackle that lobby? Even if it means they might actually kill socialized medicine?