Carry The TEA Parties On!

There is only ONE WAY to make CHANGE. That is through transactions. The TEA Parties and those Patriots who attended them and stood their ground, now need to take action.

BOYCOTT EVERY ADVERTISER WHO ADVERTISES ON EVERY LIBERAL SOCIALIST NEWS MEDIA OUTLET. If the numbers who turned out for TEA Parties could be mobilized to boycott those advertisers, the remaining CHANGE from those transactions would drive liberalism OUT of the news business.

Now, you may be skeptical about that, but it is true. No matter how much the socio-liberal press wants to take from those who have and give to those who will never try to have on their own, they are ALL controlled by the revenue their business generates.

Watch the networks just long enough to identify the advertisers. STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.

Read the newspapers just enough to know the advertisers. STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.

If we are ever going to save this nation from socialism, we are going to have to stop the media’s control of the message.

Those who took part in the TEA Parties now need to get busy!

I will make this offer: I will build, code and host whatever website is necessary to list all advertisers of all socio-liberal media outlets and include a pledge to boycott. I will do that at no charge to anyone. But I will not fill it with the data necessary to make it work. The site needs a name and it needs people to watch and report advertisers.

Any takers?