Can we say the "I" word yet? Or is it already too late?

Don’t tell me the typical Republican excuse for not doing something: “We don’t have a majority in congress, it won’t matter, nothing will happen from it anyway.”

At what point do the elected Republican cowards get a pair?

Where is the Republican Dennis Kucinich? (I don’t mean the Republican space alien watching lunatic, I mean the Republic who won’t stop raising an issue.) Where is the Republican with guts? Where is the Republican who files articles of impeachment at every session opening in the House? Will it happen? Nope, and we know that, but that is not the point. The press will cover repetition, if only to mock the repetition. Manipulating public opinion does not come from timed attacks, it comes from repetition.

Why hasn’t leadership of the Republicans in the House started to already introduce articles of impeachment as an amendment to every House vote? Why haven’t the cowards stood up and made a ruckus about every single stupid move by this sorry excuse for a President? Oh they have? Oh really? The press won’t cover it? So then MAKE IT BIGGER SO THEY WILL!


Of course Impeachment won’t happen now. But if we keep bringing it up, we’ll control the topic, throw the Communists off their game, and lead the way to the ability to actually vote on it after the 2010 elections. I’m sorry to say, it will undoubtedly be too late by then.

Does that mean we don’t raise the issue of Impeachment now?  NO! IT DOES NOT!