So Why Did The White House Lie About a Presidential Bow? Photo Evidence!

This White House lied. It isn’t really surprising that they did, what is surprising is that they should have known better. Of course, it will not matter as the media will not cover the story and O’Reilly’s treatment of the topic this evening amounted once again to his perorating and total failure to take a position through all of the caveat potential.

Politico is carrying the story and the video, where all it takes is a slight look at the angle presented by that video and it is incontrovertible fact that Obama not only bowed, but that he did so with the royal curtsy, swinging his left arm under his waist.

The hogwash of a lie told by the White House was that he did not bow but rather stooped down to shake with both hands. The video clearly shows the man bowing, THEN extending his left hand AFTER he arose.

Why does this matter? Well, besides the obvious American Presidents represent an historical revolution to leave the constrains of royalty: it matters more for what the gesture was meant to convey.

SO why did the White House believe it in any way was intelligent to lie about something that could be so easily proved?

The American people elected the man (it is presumed) but to whom does he owe loyalty?