You KNOW Dodd is Toast When They Beg

This was just sent out by Kerry’s Machine

Hello [unsuspected conservative plant],

The Republicans will do anything to stop President Obama from winning the 60 Senate seats he needs to pass his agenda. That’s why they’ve set their sights on taking down Ted Kennedy’s partner on the biggest progressive fights on the last twenty nine years: my friend Chris Dodd.

We can’t let them. We need to stand with Chris Dodd now.

We need to stand with Chris because while others were afraid to fight, he took a stand on civil liberties and battled the Bush Administration over immunity for illegal eavesdropping.

We need to stand with Chris because while others said it couldn’t be done, he wrote and passed the landmark Family and Medical Leave Act to help parents care for a sick child without losing their job.

Chris has been a great friend to anyone who cares about progressive politics.

And now he needs our help.

Republicans are desperate to try to hold the line in the Senate, to give them the bare minimum needed to keep up their games of obstruction and delay. And they know Chris is a champion for our side. So they are gunning all out for Chris Dodd, but Chris Dodd is a fighter and he’s come out swinging.

But he needs our help in this fight. Republican operatives and their allies in the right wing media have been personally attacking Chris for months. They will keep up the attacks, hoping to bring down a great Senate leader and an indispensable ally of President Obama.

We can’t let them do that. Please follow this link to help keep Chris Dodd in the Senate:


We have so much work to do to get our country back on the right track, and we need Chris Dodd to be a big part of that.

Thank you for your help.

John Kerry

Dear John,


Me thinks they are skeered.

If only.