Sometimes you have to read the comments for the news...

Drudge has been carrying this headline all day:

Is this the end of America?” opinion article by Terence Corcoran.

A fully interesting and very thoughtful read. But amidst the rattle of comments came this one:

The plans are in motion to remove this man and his administration as well as the evil virus infecting Congress.

These pathetic whores will be dragged into the streets, frog-marched to jail, tried, convicted, and, well, we’ll leave the rest to the American people.

This disgusting fool’s attempt to destroy America and remake it into something like the Soviet Union will end.

God Bless America and viva la revolution!!!

Now, one can take that posting as just another rattle from the cages of the insane, or if one would mind contemplating the potential, this posting is very similar to one made way back in 2006 when, (and I cannot find the link, not that it would be working today anyway) a person responded to a justice department article regarding the civil rights division, claiming that quite a few of the ousted former civil rights division attorneys would soon be facing 10 years in prison. It was out of no where but completely credible.

I know there was motion afoot in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and I had all but given up hope that in 2008, when nothing happened that the justice department was going to allow the Soros crowd to take over this country and it would be years before it recovered, if anyone honest was left in power anywhere, that could do anything about it.

Of course this could all just be myth or perhaps my cage was just rattled, or perhaps, not.