Mr. Teleprompter Resign: Who is the Buffoon?

So you have you own blog. Drudge picked it up and now you are a real superstar. Without Drudge you would have remained nothing but glass. I dunno… is all this news about you worthy?

Ok yeah sure, I called for your resignation, but I did it for one reason. And your blog did not bother to address that reason. Oh yes, you’re a liberal-progressive Teleprompter, for sure.

WHO IS THE FREAKIN PRESIDENT ANYWAY? It can’t be the mindless drone who reads you. That nut reads anything you spew forth, regardless if it was intended for him to read or not. At least President Clinton could use you correctly and when you screwed up, he could just ‘wing it’, but oh no, not this dolt. He just reads anything you show him. I mean, seriously how powerful can a ‘thing’ be if it manages to get the leaders of two nations confused and have them do his bidding?

Answer the question Tele. You don’t mind if I call you Tele, do you?

Next thing we know you’ll be selling T-Shirts on Cafepress.Com.

Things Like: Kiss My Glass, Shut Up and Read; Moron. Anybody else?

You call me a Buffoon. You totally semi-transparent, flat faced, rod up your butt monitor wannabe!

Nice blog BTW. Ugly colors.

P.S. Read mine. Slap this on your face and see what your mindless reader does, Tele. You don’t mind if I call you Tele, do you?