Limbaugh Was Wrong Today

On a day where Rush spent a good deal of time playing sound bites and decrying the hypocrisy of Warren Buffett and others: he declared his comments about McCain would be taken out of context. They don’t have to be. He justified his rejection of John McCain for President by saying we could not elect a ‘coalition’ that was not fully conservative. It was better to elect a (he didn’t say these words but this is what he meant) socialist power hungry king than elect a patriot who may not have been squeaky clean conservative. He has always failed to grasp the parties. He has always failed to grasp that power is acquired not through screaming from your own corner, but by reaching to the other corner and bridging the gap without giving up what makes you tick. He thinks Republicans are conservatives or they are not worthy of winning. So Democrats win.

Had McCain won, he claims we would have had a watered down conservatism.

Rush is wrong, he was wrong then and he’s wrong now. No different than Coulter attacking McCain because he wasn’t ‘conservative’ enough, or Hannity attacking McCain because he was not ‘conservative’ enough. Limbaugh has placed party and ideology over country. He has chosen the absurd argument that we accept the loss in order to hope for the ‘opportunity’. In the mean time, that ‘opportunity’ is quickly becoming a soon to be historical disaster. What Obama changes, will most likely never be undone, or take a generation at least to accomplish recovery.

Limbaugh lives in a world where compromise is not necessary and in fact, would be a reduction in his ratings if he did. This just goes to prove, his claim of Obama being “symbolism over substance” is no better than his own “ideology over country”.

McCain called for ‘Country first’. From Limbaugh he got a resounding ‘NO’. And so we got a deafening ‘HELL NO’ in the election. And now, Limbaugh justifies his completely selfish mentality after the fact by offering the ridiculous argument that if he can’t have the ball he won’t play the game.

Imagine if Limbaugh’s concept was applied to anything else. It would mean a baseball team would not play the game because to do so might mean winning only by three runs instead of 12. It would mean a war could be ‘ended’ without someone winning or losing. It would mean the country, conservatism hopes to retain, stands the chance of being no more, because conservatism cannot play the game without being the only player. It shows a drastic degree of immaturity. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of winning. Winning is a binary thing. Democrats understand that. You have to win to do anything. Choosing to accept not winning as a means to winning is, pardon the expression dear Rush, INSANE.

And it shows that Limbaugh is a great communicator, but what he communicates sometimes just flat out reeks.

You see, Rush cannot talk and not take responsibility. He cannot deride the only chance we had to defeat socialism this time around, then not feel the consequences of that reckless decision. He is partly responsible for Obama being where he is today and he should admit it. But he won’t.

Newsflash Limbaugh: As great as it would be to have a Reagan in the White house again, when confronted with two choices, neither one being Reagan, you do not choose to attack the only one that stands the chance of stopping everything Reagan stood against. But you did. You are not solely responsible for the election results. George Bush is responsible. Lindsey Graham is responsible. Michael Mukasey is responsible. Chief Justice John Roberts is responsible. So at least you are in a well heeled crowd.

Limbaugh rightly wants Obama to fail in his quest to socialize this nation, but how can he say that? He helped elect him. Talk about hypocrisy!

For all of the intellectual correctness of Limbaugh’s positions, he took one in his Presidential decision and it was wrong. He needs to admit it, be a man, stand up when he admits the dumbness of his position, or stop decrying the results of that decision. He didn’t want McCain, didn’t want Obama and we got Obama. Do the freakin math!