Proposal For RedState and 'The Party'

This post is in reference to the concept presented in ‘this post’.

First off, allow me to commend Ron Robinson’s intent! The party should be all about outreach and contact and activism, but Republicans, by our very nature are not activists. Activism in Republican circles always amounts to a great start and a quick fade. Protesters do not stand up and march for the proper, they stand up and march for the absurd. It is the absurd that drives them. Republicans make great planners but horrible do-ers. I certainly hope you find the few activists out there and enlist them to do the leg work and that results in something worthwhile, but allow me, if you will, to muse over the real reason the Internet has not been a Republican medium:

The Ning network, you have used as the platform for your effort has a wide variety of splinter groups using it. Everything from Sarah Palin’s support group to Resistnet to many other highly topic focused outraged people who use it to post complaints, spin conspiracy theories as if they are fact, and otherwise clam up and into their own shells.

The Republican party needs a focused, central activism site. That should be the GOP’s job. I do not believe the solution to their not doing that is to usurp the effort. I believe it is beholden upon the members of the party to make the GOP do their job and to then place individual efforts on doing exactly what the liberal socialists have done, only do it with truth.

As you are undoubtedly aware, a web presence is only as good as its traffic and its traffic is only as good as its hook, its purpose, its relevance and its freshness. Your concept is to use the web as a meeting place for activists who would then reach out into the real world and activate passion in others. Excellent idea!

What the Republican party has been lacking, severely, is the use of the web for what the web is. A medium of instant information. Republicans have literally lost the battle for focusing thought, lost the battle for controlling the story.

I firmly believe it is time for the Republican net community to work the web, instead of using the web to work other Republicans.

RedState is a great source of Republican communication, but it is like preaching to the faithful, with the occasional non-believer thrown in to mix it up a bit. Republicans need to to continue to do that, but Republicans need to reach out to the web reader that is not of the fold, to use the web for its instant communication power, to mold public opinion, to control the direction of focus.

Imagine if there were a series of Republican websites, each with their own focus: national security, family protection, constitutional authority, etc.. not to create expensive videos projects, or to offer a place where other Republicans post their fears and objections, but sites that ‘report’ the news from the Republic’s perspective. Can you imagine sites like that? Why not? The liberals have been doing that for years. Their little useless lie machines are quoted by their controlled press as if they mattered.

If Republicans ever want to reach out to control our own destiny, to save this nation from socialism, not only is it about too late to pull off, it will take the type of activists that do not make ‘calls’, that do not get out and knock on doors, it will take the communications experts, the authors, the writers, the publications of republican thought who pounce on every story, explain it in short bullet point pieces and flood the net with those pieces, shared between them all.

And it is not hard to do either. All it would take is a group of people, dedicated to the cause, to read the left’s socialist rags. The spin they place on stories only has to be reversed and the truth speaks.

A serious proposal to serious RedState Republicans

Mockery. It is the fruit of Democrat labor. It is what the news does these days, instead of reporting. It is the desperate act of an originality void. It is the one thing that Republicans have not used against those who use it against Republicans. Why? It is the thing immature people do when they have nothing else to say. But it has become very effective for the Democrat Party. It can become just as effective for the Republican Party. The fodder is there, to be capitalized. The material is new and fresh each day. All we need is a passion to, as that Secretary of State poser has said, “never waste a good crisis”.

Proposal: First refusal for this to RedState.

RedState creates a single WordPress category for ‘Democrat News’ and provides a front page block to report the top new contributions, as well as public access RSS feeds to push it out into the blogosphere.

Contributors are granted posting permissions for the category.

Material: Any news story, reported as slanted by the Democrat Propaganda Machine (DPM).

Sources: Any DPM website, including the old media and the new.

Method: Mock the mockery.


DPM Headline: “Politico: Obama Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without His TelePrompter” Democrat News Headline: “Talking Head Savior Needs Cue Cards”, then proceed to do a paragraph or two on how horrible it is to have the leader of the free world, speak only by the direction of his handlers. The use of the TelePrompter proves the man is not the ‘man’. He is just the face of the ‘man’.

DPM Headline: “Single-payer advocates win seats at White House health summit” Democrat News Headline: “Medical Scales Tilted To Predetermined Outcome”, then proceed to spill the beans on the ‘set up’ for socialized medicine and what the result of that will really mean.

and my personal favorite…. the ‘poll’ story: pick any poll, report its results, then tear it apart based on its methodology.

If Redstate would to do this, offer the RSS feed to conservative and Republican blogs, then the party itself would hopefully create the other websites to split the function into focused ‘sources’, Republicans would then have a model similar to the one employed by the Sorosites. Sure it would take money, but please tell me, what else at this point in time could the donors of the Republican party do that would be more constructive, than to begin to balance the scales of the news?

What the party is lacking is what the Democrat party is controlled by: a group of money people who are not directly connected to the party and put their money behind a network of information controlling websites with fancy organization names. They have created their own credibility.

So can we.