THIS is the Obama DOJ Working For Somebody

It doesn’t take a Democrat to understand voter fraud. Just because they are so good at it, doesn’t mean they aren’t alone in knowing what it is. Well, now, just like so many other things the Bush Administration FAILED to finish before it left town, the new Obama DOJ has dropped the big voter fraud lawsuit so heavily touted by Bradley Schlozman.

Out of thin air, good ol’ Zachary Roth (pidgeon holed writer for the muck machine) surmises, “Another Republican claim of voter fraud bites the dust.” Nope. This is just the Sorosites cleaning up the potential problems left over by the Bush Administration, and there are many pieces of unfinished business. In fact, there are so many pieces of unfinished business that it makes one pause and ponder: how much foot dragging was based in laziness, how much in incompetence, and how much in complicity?

Just asking.