Open Sedition in the pages of the Wall Street Journal

Here it comes! The dismantling of the rights of the states and its right there in the Wall Street Journal. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122930124441705413.html?mod=rss_opinion_main

Jonathan Soros (yes, that son of the Soros) is pushing the elimination of the Electoral College. But he isn’t calling for a Constitutional amendment to do it, he’s calling for a rejection of the Constitution to do it.

Remember, the President is NOT elected by the people in this country. The President is elected by the States. It is that way for a reason. If the President were elected by the people directly, the President would no longer be the President of the United States, he (or she) would be the President of the Federal Government and that leads to dictatorship. The founding fathers knew that and set it up so it could not happen here.

But it can. Soros has found a way to circumvent the Constitution and he’s out there calling for it like there is no consquence to his sedition. Well, it would appear there is no consequence to sedition these days, so perhaps he’s comfortable in knowing that.

Soros’ WSJ article is an admitted rejection of lawful authority and an attempt to overthrow a part of the Consitution. It is a call to override the Constitution through outright rejection of one of the most important sections of it. The Electoral College.

Will anyone hold him accountable for it?  Don’t expect it. It appears these days the Republican Administration has no balls.