How Sedition and Corruption Elected a Coup

As evidenced by a new documentary, the press kept knowledge of anything negative about Obama and the Democrats completely quiet. The average voter had no clue about Bill Ayers, Tony Resko, George Soros, how the Democrats set up the housing crash, how the Democrats set up the Wall Street fiasco, the pending redistribution of wealth, that socialism is a cancer or the coming destruction of the domestic coal industry. No matter how important those stories were to the election, none of them were big enough to force the media to cover them. There was no scandal. No ‘October Surprise’. But there could have been. And there should have been.

What was the fired attorney’s ‘scandal’ all about? What role did Alberto Gonzales play in national security? Why were so many people fired or transferred from Executive branch agencies? Why were lawyers replaced with ‘good Americans’?Why were leaks the common way the New York Times compromised national security? Why did the American People not know?

Finally, the entire corruption case is on line. It has been a secret until now. With the election over and the power changing only in title, read how sedition and public corruption resulted in a coup, through democratic elections. Search over 2,300 related news articles and documents. View the entire case docket history and evidence submissions.