Doomed Report Gets Serious

http://www.doomedreport.com will now start posting headlines with a touch of truth to them. A few are already there. This election did not have to turn out the way it did. Michael Mukasey knows it.

The old posting on RedState that declared there would be an October surprise, turned out to have fallen victim to the belief that McCain would have been placed in a situation where he would not have been able to defend himself, due to ‘the case’ being sealed by a federal court. Turns out, it didn’t matter.

If Americans had known the facts before voting it never would have turned out this way. McCain would have received the concession call. Who is responsible for withholding vital information from the electorate is a very good question.

Perhaps http://www.doomedreport.com will get to the bottom of it all. Perhaps not. Either way: the public is going to know what has happened over the past few years that would have changed this election completely. Americans hate betrayal. Now I’m not really sure who betrayed whom.

I no longer care who it effects. Why should I? When Obama takes the oath of office, ‘the case’ will cease to exist. ‘The case’ that has been withheld, sealed, false documents filed to take the place of real court orders. Whatever happened to ‘Country First’? It makes me sick to have to say this junk.

Why was the USDOJ Civil Rights Division gutted with people replaced by “good Americans”? Why did EEOC have 575 people fired? Why did the economy go in the toilet just in time to cause panic and elect a traitor to the highest office in the land? Why hasn’t Justice seen the light of day?

If you care to scoff at this posting, by all means, enjoy yourself. If you knew what the facts really are you would be mad about it, not as mad as I am, as my civil rights were taken away years ago and to this day are being withheld. You probably still have yours.

The other thing that makes me sick is, most of the people who committed federal crimes still have their jobs.