Dear Talkingpointsmemo

You quoted the AP as saying:

“Even in a political culture accustomed to truth-stretching, McCain’s skirting of facts has stood out this week.”

Then you proceed to spew the following:

“The controversies have surrounded McCain television commercials and stump speeches asserting that Barack Obama “supports” comprehensive sex education in kindergarten, that Obama called Sarah Palin a “pig in lipstick,” and that Palin stood firmly against the “bridge to nowhere” — despite videotape evidence that the Alaskan governor provided support for the earmark before she opposed it.”

Now put down your baby bottle long enough to grasp just one thing.

They are not lies.

I know.. that hits hard on your world, but dang it, your world is fictional. You are insane and you do not know it.

And what part of ‘thanks’ but ‘no thanks’ do you not get?

“provided support for the earmark before she opposed it”

Thanks but no thanks. Duh! I know it isn’t literal. It is just like that lipstick pig. And it is just like your inability to comprehend consequences that you would miss meaning unless you had it placed in front of your eyes in crayon.

You may now return to your delusions. And oh, if you think (I know that’s foreign to you) that you will have an impact on this election you are sadly mistaken. The American people are becoming wise to your idiocy, wise to your immaturity and wise to your motives. And your 15 minutes of fame, are ending.