Crooks & Liars Proves it Again

Clinically speaking: a moron is a person who is mentally retarded with capabilities of the ages between 8 and 12 years, and is “capable of doing routine work under supervision”, or the more applicable meaning; a clinically stupid adult.

Crooks & Liars (the website of self title) heads yesterday with the story about a hastily jotted insta-sign at the Republican Convention. The sign made me chuckle and wonder who let in a democrat when I saw it, but it was too good for the Crooks and Liars to pass up.

Problem is; the headline “The Moran Of The 2008 Election” spoke of itself once again by quoting, “Teach an illiterate to read…” Crooks & Liars needs to get that author some supervision.

The screen shot! Before somebody reads it and tells them the moron who wrote the story is a, well, you know.

Crooks And Liars

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