The hidden issue that will elect a President this year

According to Rasmussen Reports;

Gov’t Ethics & Corruption is considered very important by 67% of respondents, somewhat important by 23%, not very important by 6%, and not important at all by just 1%.

The party the people view as more trusted on the issue of Gov’t Ethics & Corruption is currently, 40% for Democrats and 29% for Republicans giving Democrats an +11 point lead.

When the 67% and 23% come together to form the massive 90% of the electorate and decide at one time that they have been deceived, they have been betrayed and they have been attacked: they will vote Republican, across the board. It will be the issue that dominates the November election.

And since it will have been identified as a National Security issue, those 90%, will join with the current 89% of respondents who consider National Security to be the most important issue, and it will be a landslide that will destroy the Democratic party for at least 50 years, if not quite longer and forever. Unmasking Obama and the rest will be like “watching the stars fall from the sky”.

It is why http://www.countryaboveself.com was created. But don’t tell the 6000+ visitors today, they have had a good time voting Stephen Colbert as the nation’s top Patriot.