More Defense Attack Posturing

As the days go by, hot and dry (Arizona is a wonderful place to breath) the people who would be, but are now no longer, continue to set up their defense by attacking.

I direct your attention to Top DOJ Lawyers Spoke ‘In Codes’ For Fear Of Being Wiretapped By White House ‘Lunatics’ from ThinkProgress (a Soros propaganda ministry office.)

Through all of the blathering, arises the point of the attack: “two of the top lawyers from the Justice Department developed this system of talking in codes to each other because they thought they might be being wiretapped…by their own government.”

Oh my, did they get that wrong. Wiretapping would only have happened if it was NOT their own government. Their ‘own government’, that shadowy stain was no longer in control and they don’t like it. Their ‘code’ was how the shadow knew, and if they think their code was sacred they are dumber than their associations would dictate.

Impeachment was the ‘word that shall not be spoken’ in the carnival vaudeville act of the House Judiciary Committee Friday, and the ‘they thought they might be being wiretapped’ line came on Moyers’ PBS propaganda program.

More to come. It will only get worse, until it is stopped.

So hmmm. When will that be?