Obama vs Palin vs Quayle

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The Obama campaign can be dismissive of the number of people in Palin’s leadership positions, but at least she had some leadership positions.

Obama legislating for a small section of Chicago isn’t the same job as Palin managing a government for a small city.

Running a State, even with a small population is still more leadership than Obama’s similarly short years in the US Senate.

In both cases Obama never had enough seniority to ever chair a committee nor did he ever lead in any significant way. As factcheck.org notes: Obama tends to vote straight in line with his party. Even the issues he likes to pad his resume with were generally handed to him by parties leaders in Illinois or the US Senate who wanted to help push his career along. That’s not leadership, that’s being groomed.

I sincerely hope that the Democrats keep making an issue out of the experience, since the more voters are focused on it, the more they’ll notice that Obama isn’t qualified for VP himself… let alone the Presidency.

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