NOW Demands Obama Mentor Resignation

Great timing. On the eve of the ‘unity’ convention for the democratic party, Obama’s political mentor (yeah, another crazy mentor… noticing a pattern yet?) attacked a Hillary supporter, witnesses confirm, with a racist insult.

NOW of Illinois is demanding his resignation:

DENVER — The chief of Illinois’ National Organization for Women chapter today called on Barack Obama’s “political godfather” to resign immediately from the Illinois state Senate for calling an African-American Hillary Clinton delegate an “Uncle Tom.”“That was a pretty horrible comment,” said Illinois NOW president Bonnie Grabenhofer, also a Clinton delegate, who issued the demand for Senate President Emil Jones’ resignation.Feminists who make up the Illinois Clinton delegate contingent at the Democratic National Convention were outraged to learn of today’s exclusive Chicago Sun-Times report about Clinton delegate Delmarie Cobb’s accusation that Jones directed the racially loaded slur at her.

Unity!From CNN’s account of its recent polling:

One key poll finding was that support for Obama is slipping among supporters of Hillary Clinton, with who Obama fought a close, sometimes bitter, campaign until conceding to her rival in early June….According to the CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll, 66 percent of Clinton supporters — registered Democrats who want Clinton as the nominee — are now backing Obama. But the number is down from the 75 percent who in June said they backed Obama.Furthermore, 27 percent of Clinton supporters now say they’ll back Republican McCain — up from 16 percent in late June.

And though Hillary is giving unity speeches to pull them back in, the Obama campaign doesn’t seem to be actively trying to court them, and have almost seemed to be snubbing them, with 3AM text messages and denying any intention of considering Hillary for the VP spot.

Further, Obama’s own supporters and mentors seem to be working to solidify the split. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Democrats amaze me.