Texas Open Carry: Doom and Gloom

I’d like to point some things out after you read this…. http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/…/new_texas_law_ma…

LTC (Lic To Carry), formerly known as CHL (Concealed Handgun Lic)… Changed as of Jan 1, 2016.

  • Texas has a population of ~26.96 million (2014).
  • Texas LTC number is roughly 850,000 (2014).
  • Texas LTC holders consist of roughly 2.8% of the STATE population.Using Austin/Round Rock (Travis/Wilco) area as an example, ~10,849 (2014*) are LTC. Total population for these counties- 1,552,605 (2012**). Thats right, 0.6% are LTC in Austin/Round Rock (% is probably less, since population grew in 2 years).
  • Texas LTC holders are fully vetted, had to sit through training, had to qualify with live fire at a range.
  • Texas LTC holders are more likely to practice more often than non-LTC holders (go to a range one day, ask who is LTC. ask how often both groups go practice).
  • Texas LTC holders most likely obey ALL laws. Part of LTC provisions require a higher standard for LTC holders. Drink while carry? not likely. Speed in excess of traffic? not likely.
  • Texas LTC holders know there are legal ramifications if they do not obey laws. Most LTC holders would rather be free of litigation to lead their normal lives.

OK, get to the point already….. On day 5 of Open Carry. The doom and gloom stories just don’t exist at this point. There have been NO incidents involving a LTC holder the we know of. No road rage, no mass shootings in grocery stores, no crazy mercenary-like pretend cop-wanna-be’s, no walking into police stations shooting it up, no walking into federal building and city building shooting them up. Why? LTC holders are LAW ABIDING CITIZENS who have taken it upon themselves to protect their own safety AND the safety of other around them. Yes, this includes the person in line in front of me wearing a Liberal cause t-shirt AND the cashier. I will protect you. I may not agree with most your views, but guess what, push comes to shove… I would protect ANY life.


ok, to the link I posted:

“However, it’s unclear whether police can legally approach those who are openly carrying handguns and request to see their documentation.”

— No. This is a license, a privilege… just like driving, NOT A RIGHT. You do NOT have the right to carry/drive, you have the privilege. By law, if there is any reason of suspicion (JUST AS IN DRIVING) you may be asked to show your license… both driving AND carrying. To have this worded otherwise, would be harassment, a violation of the 2nd and 4th Amendments, and countless other statues and SCOTUS rulings. (4th applies to cars/driving too).

“Even if police do approach gun holders and ask to see their permits, experts say those who refuse to produce them have committed no crime and can’t be arrested.”

— Again, 4th amendment people. More often than not, a law abiding citizen will have NO problems producing the license, as they know it is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Same can be true for a traffic stop. no probable cause, no reasonable suspicion, you dont have to show lic and insurance. Frankly you dont even need to say your name (now the legal issues which arise from litigation might waste your years of your life/time and cause you to become bankrupt, however you are still legally in the right. choose wisely). Have we seen vehicular homicide because of this? No.

“Naturally, this could embolden criminals and people with little or no firearms training, giving them cover if they choose to pack heat in plain sight.”

— Doubtful. EXTREMELY doubtful. Police use a thing called profiling. Notice i said PROFILING, not racial profiling. how someone dresses, how someone carries themselves, how someone’s eyes are nervous, how they are sweaty, shifty. Criminals know these are “tells,” openly carrying draws attention to them… the exact thing they are TRYING TO AVOID. Simple logic. I don’t need a study to back that one up.

Go back, reread that article knowing the statistics, percentages of the population, and the HUMAN NATURE traits which are used in profiling.

Doom and gloom? You are showing your ignorance.