Venn diagrams


In the above Venn Diagram; what does your mind fill the blank in with?  If you chose “black” or “Italian,” statistically speaking, you would be correct.  While this is not 100% true, there is a higher occurrence of these  in combination.  Why lead off an article with this?  If you changed your answer after seeing the most commonly chosen “fill in the blank answers”… you are an idealist.  Regardless of what your first and second answers were, the fact you changed it, shows you bow to the social pressures when it conflicts with your thoughts.

This ties into racism.  Racism has been around since the beginning of time.  If you are a creationist, take the various forms of humans, the “-thals.”  They didn’t like each other… A form of racism.  In “modern times,” the first real example occurs in the Bible.  Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael.  Both fostered a general disdain for one another, due to family “issues.”  Over time, the ancestors of both brothers evolved into today’s Jews and today’s Arabs.   Imagine family issues leading to multiple wars over the centuries.  That’s what we have.  This too can be lumped into what we call racism.

The term “racism” has evolved greatly, it is used differently, and its meaning is subjective to the source using it.  Why is this possible?  Social norms.  Society is what defines racism, what guides it through its evolution of meaning.

As a society, we elect leaders (or leaders come to power by other means). We look to our leaders for guidance.  Past American leaders have simply been able to maintain the status quo – some have caused more harm, some have helped tremendously.  The United States has not had a more divisive leader than we’ve had for the last 5 1/2 years in terms of racism. Either through ignorance, naivete, or willfulness, the current President has caused more racial division, more hate.  He has brought up more race issues, and caused society to become hypersensitive to race and ethnicity. It is a tinderbox of madness caused by a socially inept leadership.  A single man who has promised to unite and reduce racism, has caused it to flourish exponentially.

The blank above in the diagram should be “criminal,” if you chose anything other than that, you are a racist or an ideologue.   Everyone has the right to believe what they do, its how they interact with one another when it becomes an issue.  Do unto others, as they would do unto you.  If you see the race card played in conversation, you have every right to counteract that… how you do so is what makes you, you.  It is a “weapon” of weakness, don’t play into it.