Joe Owens, Full of it.

I was one of the people that actually spoke with Mr. Owens yesterday.  I called him at 1:43 PST and spoke with him for exactly 19m 31s. It was indeed he that sent the “boycott” e-mail to Mr. Erickson, despite his later e-mail claiming otherwise. I was unable to check the site later that day to see the second e-mail and did not read it until this morning. After I had taken care of some personal matters, I came back to Red State to make a comment only to find that the posts had been removed. That is what prompted me to create my first diary post.

A list of advice for those of you wishing to contact the opposition.

1: Remain calm. Doing so will allow you to keep the upper hand in the conversation

2: Let them speak all they want. By allowing Mr. Owens to rant, I was able to get all the information that I needed to prove, without a doubt, that it was he that sent the e-mail.

3. Don’t be insulting. The one person that had called Mr. Owens before me, apparently used demeaning language. This prompted Mr. Owens to claim that the conversation was recorded. He made no such claim during my conversation with him. If someone on the opposing side does record conversations we always want to be seen as polite and well educated with a cogent argument. Personal insults in a private conversation is childish anyway.

My only regret in this matter is that I didn’t see the second post until too late. If I had been able to post a comment further implicating Mr. Owens it may not have been removed. If anyone at Redstate needs further proof that Mr. Owens was the culprit, I do have more information on the man. I Just wish that I could remember the name of the organization that he belonged to. It had a paramilitary ring to it. Something like “Blue Troopers” but I cannot exactly recall the name.

Keep up the good work gang.