Clear The Rushes

Every spring, large globs of rushes (floating dead cattails and other dead weeds) wind up in front of our families cabin. Some years, these giant globs of dead weeds move on the other beaches, other years, they just stay put, and must be cleared. If politics could be represented as a lake, the ‘rushes’, all the floating globs of weeds, have made their way to the ‘right’ side of the lake this year. Donald Trump, and the Obama Birth certificate/college transcript issues, are the “rushes” that have drifted into our beach to obstruct our view, and quite possibly our fishing ‘opener’ this spring. Last fall, Americas political ‘lake’ was clear, with an unobstructed view of the waters (issues and ideas), this spring, we are mirred in ugly, unwanted, unwarranted, distraction.

On the right, we have to understand that there are a finite amount of rushes that float in, or can be towed in by the left each night to keep us off message. That at some point, we can clear these rushes up and should, as quickly as possible. We need to move on to arguing the issues, seated in the principles that made our nation great. The right cannot survive dabbling in Trump-isms. Our problems are not caused by trade with China, they are caused by straying from founding principles, such as individual rights, and the primary goal of protecting such (fundamental) rights, which is the governments only legitimate task. To date, since awaking this spring only to see the ice melt and the rushes move in, the right has simply been playing in these floating gobs of dead weeds. “Show us the birth certificate! It’s not big businessess fault it’s Chinas fault! Trump can win!” The founders would have grimaced watching the only opposition to tyranny in year 2011, debating anything other than the ‘core issues’ that have made this nation great, and a survivor for over 200 years.

We have lost our way. The tyrannical left in America has gotten us off-topic, and moved the focus, from the “results of their bad, tyrannical, dictatorial policies”, to, “the size of Donald Trumps verbal club”. We have to stop swimming in the rushes, we need to clear them, and move on to far more important things. If we do not, our political ‘lake’ will become one large ‘swamp’, and tyranny wins.