Change vs Reform: What did the Doctor Order?

Obama’s message is about Change. I realize we have been feeling sick lately, but is Change the right prescription for today?

Change is about giving up the old and creating something new. Change implies that the fundamentals about our Country are wrong. Our Country has become the richest and most powerful nation in history based on two fundamental principles:

Prosperity based on Capitalism and Power based on promoting Democracy.

So Do we want to change these principles. Does Obama’s economic socialism and engagement with dictators the recipe for the hour ?

I dont think so. I think our principles are as sound as they have ever been and been the primary reason for our unmatched achievments. Our recent issues are related to excesses and corruption that takes over any system or society if it fails to check them from time to time. It is not the strategy that needs changing it is the execution.

What we need is Reform. Reform is about keeping what works and getting rid of what doesnt. We need to reform our government to reduce spending and expand growth to the middle class. This would require reforming our capitalistic strategy through regulatory investment reform, energy reform, tax reform, healthcare reform, and entitlement reform. It will also require reform of our freedom-based foreign policy to engage other democratic or open-market pro growth nations and increase our greatness through collaborative strength.

Mccain’s is the right man for delivering this Reform. Reform is change but of execution not strategy. Unlike Change which is about raw energy and enthusiasm to support a revolution, Reform is about mature, and experienced energy to support focused evolution.