Untapped tax source

Haven’t written much lately, there is so much going on.  I have been trying to sort it all out.  I live in a small agricultural county of about 12-14,000 people. There is probably only 7-8 gas station/convenience stores here.  Plus two motels, two liquor stores and one small grocery store. That’s 13-14 businesses here only one is American owned and operated. I would like to know if the reports I have heard for years are true. Do these mostly Indian businesses get a -0- tax benefit for five years. If this is true, WHY? And if it is true, and the figures I have put forth may be representative of communities across America. Also if true, then there is a very large segment of foreign business owners who are paying no tax. I believe that there maybe a large source of tax income that should be taxed. I pay taxes and I was born here and I vote. Why should any group get a free pass. Where is my free pass.

Surely some of Redstate’s  members may have access to more information than I do. Would someone please comment on this subject. Are American citizens getting the shaft, while foreign born get a free ride?………………Joe