Before you count Palin out,

Let me offer this observation, My brother and his wife went to see Sarah at the Villages near Ocala,Fl. He described the scene like this, “Joe I have never seen anything like this in my life. Parking was jammed so much that people were parking and walking 2 miles away. He said  Joe, there were old ladies with walkers, slowly and painfully, making their down the side of the road to see this woman of courage and commitment. A real person who sold the State jet on E-bay, fired her chauffeur and her personal chef. She said I can cook why should the people of Alaska pay for that.

When have you ever seen a group of people so passionate?  I know we have several candidates that could do a good job, but the people……… LOVE!!! ….her. What other candidate inspires like she does. Don’t ever discount the American voters. This is a love affair.