Run Sarah run!!

Last night I watched with great excitement as the  people of America had their coming out celebration. When I say”people” I mean the voters: ………… the carpenters, the plumbers,teachers,farmers,truck drivers,doctors, nurses, mailmen,meat cutters, salesmen, black folks, white folks, moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. This is the real America. These are the men and women of the continental army who gave their fortunes, their courage and their lives to say….. enough!! We will not be preyed upon by people who have only their own selfish desires and those of their crony, corrupt associates. We are America and we will fight and we will win!

Not the lawyers, scribes and pharisees. Not the hypocrites who promise everything and deliver nothing.Not the cowards who tell our brave men in uniform that they must read a captured enemy combatant his rights. Not the cowards who wait to act until Israel or America has been savagely attacked.

A new day is dawning in the home of the brave and the land of the free and it is time for real hope and change that Americans have always forged for themselves. Not the phony baloney crap that has made liars out of the current leadership. The Dems need to stand up, straight and tall, if they can and look in the mirror and say to themselves. ” This Ship is going down” We have made bad choices, and we have picked a looser for a leader, all is lost… and the fat lady is singing. A fitting end to such an arrogant,smug, corrupt group of thieves. It is my hope that many of these will be prosecuted and jailed for their total disreguard of the Constition.

I have to stop now but I feel so much better and I can only say “I meant every word of it.”

Remember!     We put you in office and we can put you out……….