O Bama's snow job

After watching the meeting of the Republican party and President O Bama and then watching some of the talking heads make their assessments. The thought went racing through my mind; How could any one who has seen the unbelievable attacks on liberty and capitalism, conclude that it was a wonderful and meaningful meeting and we hope that these meetings will continue.

Are you brain dead or just an easy mark? This man will say anything to further his agenda of total control of this country and what’s left of its wealth. His actions speak so loudly that his words are totally meaningless. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with. How many of those have been vetted or passed an FBI security clearance. He has danced around his democratic congress and left them out of almost every decision he has made. They remind me of the old addage, “all dressed up and no where to go”.  I looked up the word SUPERFLOUS in the dictionary, it had for a synonym- the present democratic congress. They have become a laughing stock. How many czars has his congress appointed or approved?  Who decides how much to pay them? What is their job description? Who do they answer to? O Bama has head faked and juked them at every turn. They are standing there wait for something to happen and he’s in the end zone doing his victory dance. What they don’t understand is that here are still some Americans that want our country to win.  And unless he can come up with a Chavez plan to stop the election in November, the people will show the country, what hey think of losers!

During his presidential campaign, I have never heard so many promises to do things that he knew he couldn’t or wouldn’t do. “Just blow in their ear and they will follow you anywhere”. He’s the pied piper and people are happily follow his parade to their own destruction and mine and yours if this continues. Lies are the main stock and trade of this administration. Lies, deception and deceit are so common that with the help of the liberal press, they seldom get any play whatsoever. At least George W. was an honorable man and didn’t embarrass this country with cheap, dollar store gifts to foreign heads of state, he didn’t bow down to various world leaders and he was not on Hugo Chavez’s speed dial. The American people have been shamed  and ridiculed by the election of some one who is so morally bankrupt and inept. unprepared and out of place. Chicago politics are the tools of his trade. Union thugs, payoffs, bribes, insults and thievery. And this is the leader of the greatest nation ever……………………God help us!