Did I Miss Something?

Some how in my simple and unpoliticized mind, I just naturally assumed that the financial suicide that we are engrossed in, is shall I say, the most dangerous crisis this country has ever faced. If the dollar goes away as the world currency, every American including illegals, will suddenly face a lifestyle that only third world countries endure.

How does no gasoline available, or what about grocery stores with empty shelves, a loaf of bread might be $500.00,  gasoline $50.00 per gallon. Can you learn to live with no electricity? Your job goes away and your health and life insurance. Schools are closed, no police or fire departments. How’s that sound for HOPE and CHANGE? These are only a small portion of the reality of economic collapse. Do you understand that China owns this country?  And yet………….the only thing we hear from brain dead politicians is, “We have to have health care right now!!!right now!!!!right now……….

Listen!!   The people who fashioned this great nation, and fought for it, and even donated their personal fortunes to it, did not even know what health care was. The American explorers and settlers, and the railroad workers who opened up this country from shore to shore, all the early entrepreneurs, the Sinclairs, the the  Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, actually survived and built great personal fortunes…. and the greatest country the world has ever known, all ” WITHOUT” health care. They didn’t have it or even know what it is !!  The American people have survived for 233  years,  press 1 for English, that’s 233 years without this program. Wow! Unbelievable! I thought if we didn’t get it, we would all just drop down dead. Wow! Far Out!

The bottom line is this……..We can’t afford it…………… we are not only broke but we have mortgaged our country and our children’s future. Congress!! do you understand this? This country will not self destruct if this bill goes away. It won’t be the end of the world. The sun will still rise in the morning. We have gone 233 years without it, so I believe we can continue until we can afford it.

However the Democrats led by their community organizer are pulling every rabbit out of the hat and sliding more aces out of their sleeves than a Mississippi river boat gambler to permanently assure their place as the leaders of our country. This is what it’s all about. Don’t ever believe that they care about anything or anyone that does not improve their ownership of power. And sadly,  many voters and some short sited Republican politicians are buying this dog and pony show instead of trying to bring this country back to the position of world leadership that it has always been. Am I the only one who has reached this conclusion?

Later Dudes