Dems and Environmentalists

I’ll try to be brief. I know a lot of people  will disagree with these thoughts but apparently they’ve mistaken me for some one who cares. What I care about is freedom!!! plain, simple unadulterated freedom. I don’t want anyone telling me to wear a seat belt, or that I can’t smoke or that I have to drive a sardine can with a wind up key, or I have to use stupid fluorescent light bulbs that does not last any longer and only gives out half the light after a 5 second warm up period, and by the way, if you drop one of those earth saving fluorescent bulbs, you’d better dial 911 because the little gem that’s going to save mother earth has the deadly toxin MERCURY in it. You will have to have a hazz-mat team to show up with sirens blazing and then you will have to move in with your mother-in-law for about 6 weeks until the deadly MERCURY has been sucked up in a shatter proof vial and escorted by armored cars and troops to a top secret facility in area 51.  and then you have to dig through all the family garbage to separate plastic and paper not that’s some quality time right there.                                                                                   You know, it’s OK to jump out of a perfectly good air plain or bungee dive off of a 1,000 foot bridge or enter a hot dog eating contest and eat 65 hot dogs in 97 seconds, or jump a motorcycle over the Grand Canyon. It’s all right to murder unborn children but we have to save the dolphin. gopher turtles and diamond back rattlesnakes.

Our priorities as a nation have become so demented, I don’t know if we can ever come together as a people. Look, everyone wants clean air,clean water and less polution, but these goals while admirable should not forced upon those who disagree. You can pull a chain but you cannot push one. The solution will be found by the American capitalist system of business. If there is a need, or a market,  American ingenuity will rise to the occasion. Products will be created that will save money, work better, and will be highly sought after by the American consumer. You won’t have to impose restrictions or special life styles. The people will do it because they want to.  That’s what I’m taking about………..FREEDOM, FREEDOM. Live free or die!!