Black Americans deserve better

Black Americans have been yearning and praying for National leader that they could hold up as an example to their children.  Condelesa Wright was such a person. The very first time I heard her speak, I instantly knew she was some one special.She was not only a brilliant leader but she had charm, charisma, and she had class. She knew how to present herself as a representative of the most powerful nation on earth, but she also possessed a humble spirit. As a white American I am proud of her and her service to this country. Colan Powell was some one I respected for a while but then he went limp wristed  half way through.He not only failed to support his President but changed horses in mid-stream and backed a man who demonstrated a complete lack of leadership by voting “present” over 100 times as a Jr. Senator from the thug capital of the USA. Voting present is like kissing your sister,Yuk!  So I crossed mister Powell off my list as man of good judgement and integrity.Although there were other black Americans who had presidential ambitions. None of them ever had any serious chance as a national leader. Dr. King deserved the respect and admiration of all the people and was a man though not perfect, I beleive he was destined to be and was a great leader. He was also a Republican as was Abraham Lincoln. A little known fact in the government school system.

Barak Obama was not what the black people had expected and many white folks too, are wishing for a “Do Over”. What his man is and what his  plans are for this nation show the audacity(his words) of a spoiled rich kid having a tantrum. He literally hates this country and everything it stands for. There’s no point in pursuing this point because it would be beating a dead horse. However back to my original point, it is a sad day for black people every where, when the opportunity to show their children the potential  for greatness that all Americans have  been blessed with. The next black presidential candidate will now be handicapped from the failures of this man, Obama